Welcome to Corinnespoolservice.com!

Corinne has been dedicated to providing high quality swimming pool and spa cleaning and repair service to residential customers in the greater Camarillo area.

Your backyard pool is a place where you can get away from all the stress of your day, cool off from the sun and heat, and relax while you enjoy the natural sound of the water. It lets you take a vacation anytime without the travel and expense, spend quality time with family and friends all in the comfort of your own backyard!

Corinne believes that professional maintenance service is the best way to keep your pool looking and functioning its best. Our goal is to maximize the life of your pool structure and equipment, and to keep the water healthy and clean for you and your guests. Pick a Pool Professional that knows every working part of your pool and understands the importance of proper chemistry and maintenance over the long term.

So let Corinne's Pool Service handle all of your pool maintenance needs! Outstanding customer service and consistent quality are what sets us above the rest so come join our family today!

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